About Us

I have always enjoyed reading books. Perhaps not to the obsessive degree characterized by some of those famous quotes about books, but probably closer than I would care to admit. Something I’ve always found challenging, though, is connecting with people who are willing to discuss literature, or finding means of exposing myself to material outside of my handful of favourite authors.

You can imagine my elation when I stumbled across the odd selection of book bloggers, where I found a ready stream of insightful first-hand opinions on books from average people just like me. By following blogger reviews, I have discovered dozens of now-favourite authors that would have otherwise escaped my notice. I’m also quite certain that just as many duds have been averted by scathing reviews from people whose opinions I have come to trust.

In starting this blog, my secret wish is that I will also help someone else to find new material, or perhaps save them from the pain of a particularly bad reading experience. And by refusing to limit myself to a genre or category, I have an equal hope that I may give someone the excuse to go beyond their comfort zone to discover a new and exciting world just waiting to be explored.