Why the name?

in·dis·crim·i·nate /ˌindiˈskrimənit/ adj. Not making or based on careful distinctions; unselective; haphazard.

crit·ic /ˈkritik/ noun One who expresses a reasoned opinion on any matter especially involving a judgment of its value, truth, righteousness, beauty, or technique.

In combination, these words give the impression of one who criticizes everything without distinction, and without regard for mitigating factors or personal niceties. While that is perhaps too strong a description, putting that sentiment up front certainly allows me some latitude in being churlish or curmudgeonly from time to time.

As a play on words, however, I wanted to reflect the notion that my reading tastes span a pretty wide swath of territory. I will read just about anything put in front of me, provided it comes with a solid recommendation from a trustworthy source. I read purely for enjoyment, whether that be in the form of escapism or cerebral stimulation. I will not discriminate against genres, or make a marked distinction between highbrow literature and mass market appeal. This eclectic approach is, for me, the true meaning behind The Indiscriminate Critic.